What Dreams May Come – BMW Motorrad Flying Jet Ski

From Fantasia to Reality, BMW Motorrad and Lego Technic Reimagined BMW R 1200 GS Adventure into a Hover Ride Design Concept

P90248860_highRes_lego-technic-design- (1)_SX.jpg

When someone asks me how would I describe BMW R1200 GS series motorbike? The answer was a drop-dead simple “It’s a perfect getaway bike”! In my fantasy world of movie making like Micael Mann’s epic, The Heat or any other bank heist movie I would rather use BMW R1200 GS fitted with BMW Motorrad 2-cylinder boxer engine over any 6l-V8 muscle car and would run away in a flick of any eye. Jumping from any bridge and then running off to a rugged mountain ranges would make a perfect scene that no car or even Ford Raptor can depict such scene.


For decades Lego has not only inspired millions of kids around the world with its tiny blocks that can take any shapes as long as it will remain a square edged depiction. I have seen and played and then made small scaled space station turning my dreams into an overwhelming reality, thanks to the well imagined and detailed parts made by detailed Lego Technic.

Lego Technic an arm of Lego (introduced as Expert Builder back in 1977) used more complex ideas rather than plain simple stupid colored blocks in that would not only engage kids of small ages rather it would engage grown up kids and beyond to build complex structure and then place a motor to give it mobility as well.


Now BMW Motorrad and Lego co-develop a 603 pieces miniature model with a close attention to details. From BMW Telelever front-wheel suspension, the universal shaft drive and the moving BMW Motorrad 2-cylinder boxer engine, all of which are movable as soon as the reproduced motorcycle is moved.


Interestingly, the mind-game went ahead and Lego technic than designed a hover by attaching rotors. BMW Junior Company turned it into an awe-inspiring Hover Ride Concept based on its wild and urban R1200 GS Adventure bike. It’s a flying Jet Ski.


The Hover Ride Design Concept came about as a result of the involvement of the BMW Junior Company Munich, an innovative training unit in which BMW trainees from diverse departments have the opportunity to work together in projects entrepreneurially. BMW trainees in the second to fourth year of their course used the serial-production parts of the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure to build a life-size model of the LEGO Technic Hover Ride. Numerous components – such as the front-wheel rim modified to form a propeller – were specially made for the project, demonstrating the youngsters’ skilled craftsmanship. “It was incredibly inspiring to see colleagues from different disciplines working with our trainees. Everyone involved in this project learned an awful lot,” says Markus Kollmannsperger, trainer for technical model-making.


The full-size model of the Hover Ride Design Concept will be presented for the first time at LEGO World in Copenhagen on 16.2.2017. It will then travel via Denmark to various sites such as the BMW Group Research and Innovation Center Munich and BMW Welt.

All Images and Video Credits: BMW/ BMW Motorrad & Lego Technic

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