Toyota Land Cruiser 200 by Arctic Trucks Middle East

They say that the Toyota Land Cruiser AT35 is a proven success over millions of miles in every terrain possible


Toyota land Cruiser is without a shadow of a doubt is the most popular SUV here in the Middle East. Needless to say which part of the continent is unknown of the popularity of the Toyota Land Cruiser? It is the most capable and the trustable SUV here on the planet earth. Hence it is used by UN missions, rich people, and government agencies, and then by freedom fighters and then by many more as well. The bandwidth is just too wide!

Arctic Trucks on other hand falls in the same sentence quite comfortably. Established in the frozen region of North Pole in Iceland itself, Artic Trucks prides itself or making mods to the 4WD pickups and SUVs for enduring the extreme conditions. Exploration companies and excursions joyriders who trek in such environs perhaps to save Polar bears or Seals turn to Arctic Trucks as their preferred vehicle.

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So what is Arctic Trucks doing here in the Middle East? Well, there is a flipped equivalent environment here and is totally unforgiving as well. It’s known as Rub al Khali, or literally translated as the Empty Quarter- one of the largest contiguous sand deserts in the world (1,000 kilometers in length, and 500 kilometers wide, spanning across four Arab nations: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman United Arab Emirates, and Yemen). And yes just like joyrider visits the frozen seas, Empty Quarter is also frequented by the people wearing Keffiyeh covering their faces from the brash winds filled with sands. Arctic Trucks is offering something special for them to embark on their journey with confidence and cover distances under the starlit skies devoided of any light pollution in the desert.

ArcticTrucks2 (1).jpg

Working hand in hand with Al-Futtaim Toyota here in the UAE since 2010, with the recent launch of the Toyota Land Cruiser, Artic Trucks specced LC200 AT35 to meet great off road capabilities and muscular presence.

LC200 AT35 Specification:

  • 315 x 75 R17 All-Terrain BF Goodrich Tyres –
  • 17 x 10” Arctic Trucks alloy wheels
  • Increased wheel offset
  • 50mm suspension elevation
  • Double Cardan universal joint front driveshaft
  • OME Coils springs front and rear
  • OME AT tuned nitro charger dampers
  • Painted fender flare kit
  • Front & rear wheel-arch modifications
  • Molded wheel housings
  • Original running boards moved outwards
  • Arctic Trucks mud flaps front and rear
  • Spare tire wrench
  • Painted black body details (only on the AT35 Land Cruiser BLACK EDITION – Special)


Hjalti Hjaltisen, General Manager of Arctic Trucks ME speaks proudly of one of  one of he’s favourite conversions “As soon as I moved to the Middle East it was evident that the larger 4×4’s were popular choices and a vibrant market for off – roading enthusiast. Our aim has been to bring adventure on wheels with top quality conversions and give customers the best experience while they drive their vehicles. The Toyota Land Cruiser AT35 does exactly that…a ride to remember and always makes off roading a little more fun.”

AT35 Options:

Coil-over damper suspension system / ARB front & rear diff lockers / ARB front winch bar / Lower geared differentials / OME BP-51 suspension system / Fox Stage 1 suspension / Come up electronic winch with recovery accessories / ARB rear bumper bar / Tow Hitch / Viair onboard compressor with tyre inflation kit / Viair portable compressor with tyre inflation kit / Underbody protection skid plates / Cargo area barrier cage / Roof rack / Additional wheel – tyres / Additional driving lamps.

The increased ride height improves visibility all round and re-engineered suspension delivers impeccable road manners combined with outstanding off-road capabilities.

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