Range Rover Velar – Lookout for the new luxury SUV in town

A new midsize suave addition to the Range Rover lineup

Range Rover has just released the images of an all-new SUV which will fill the gap between the larger midsize SUV, Range Rover Sport and the smaller compact crossover, Range Rover Evoque. Consider this as the equivalent of Jaguar F-Pace or perhaps just the badge variant of Jaguar F-Pace.

Range Rover Velar Tease Image.jpg

Range Rover named it after its early prototype that dates back to 1969.  The story behind the is when the development engineers needed to hide the identity of the 26 pre-production Range Rovers, they simply named it as Velar.  The name is actually derived from the Latin velare meaning to veil or cover. I hope the Velar will not have to undergo the random profile check at the border crossing.

Range Rover Velar Tease Image Family Line Drawing.jpg

Land Rover Chief Design Officer, Gerry McGovern, said: “We call the Velar the avant-garde Range Rover.  It brings a new dimension of glamor, modernity, and elegance to the brand. The Range Rover Velar changes everything.”

Range Rover Velar Tease Image_Evolution of the Range Rover Family.jpg

At this point, not much information is revealed. However, Ranger Rover has comforted us by confirming that it will fulfill its intended function and will go above and beyond as it is readied for every occasion, thanks to the usage of unique sustainable materials and advanced engineering.

I am sure very soon Range Rover will release the full details, till then watch out for this space


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